Yikoni Gold (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd.

Yikoni Gold (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd. ("益安珠宝(深圳)有限公司”) was founded in 6th June 2004 as an effort by the NICE Group to tap the vast potential gold jewellery consumer market in the People's Republic of China.

Whilst the Company has based its headquarter in ShenZhen province, the retail outlets are spread across different provinces in China to gain a wider market penetration with a gigantic population of over a billion people.

Yikoni Gold (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd. ("益安珠宝(深圳)有限公司”) has established partnerships with various shopping complexes in the major cities of the Peoples' Republic of China to operate a range of retail outlets within those shopping complexes.

The unique operating mode of the Company's retail outlets has enable the Company to gain a stronger foothold in the rapidly growing gold jewellery consumer market in provinces such as XinJiang and JiangSu.